tornado in a teacup
I love to perform! It's a love that developed in like nursery school and just won't quit! It has led me to Columbia University (NYC), where I earned my MFA in Acting under the guidance of Kristin Linklater, Andrei Serban, Olympia Dukakis, Larry Singer and others; to Philly where I honed my physical theatre, mask, and red nose clown skills with members of the Pig Iron Theatre Company; around the US with the world-renowned Missoula Children's Theatre (Montana); and finally to LA where I've found my home as a member of the Vivian Beckley Performing Arts Players, under the direction of John Gilkey (Wet the Hippo Collective). I think I will keep performing until I'm 97! TV Sleepy Hollow (FOX), Conan (TBS), Smalton, USA (Pilot) Commercial & Print Nike SB, Angie's List, Google Home, Dignity Health, Xfinity, Zappos, Mazda Japan, AT&T Theatre Love ABZ (Berlin, NYC), Fear Turns to Wrath (LA), As You Like It (Classic Stage Company, NYC) Voiceover Naturemade, Tillamook, Rosatello Short Film A Space to Call Home, Story of My Life Here's some stuff I've done recently: